Levi X Rosie Litter

Born: Feb. 29, 2020
4 kits: 2 blue does, 1 blue buck, 1 ruby eyed white buck.
62.5% French Angora/37.5% English Angora. We do not own Levi, Rosie was bred when we got her.

All kits were socialized and have had practice being groomed on the table. These babies are very outgoing and friendly.

Price: $50.00
Partial Pedigree, missing some weights on dam’s side – all other information is on the pedigree.

“Tornado”, Blue buck – SOLD
“Pickles”, REW buck – SOLD
“Pretoria”, Blue doe – NOT AVAILABLE
“Psy”, Blue doe – NOT AVAILABLE

Hopper x LapisHopper x Lapis

Born: September 19, 20207 kits: 1 Chinchilla (Dilute/Squirrel), 1 Broken Chinchilla (Dilute/Squirrel), 1 Blue, 1 Broken Blue, 1 Ermine, 1 Broken Blue PearlEnglish Angora All kits will be socialized and