Gabe x Keisha

Born: May 2, 2020
3 kits: 1 REW buck, 1 Ermine doe, and 1 Magpie doe.
French Angoras.

All kits were socialized and have had practice being groomed on the table. These babies are very outgoing and friendly.

*These kits may carry for Harlequin and should not be crossed into Agouti breeding programs.

All kits in this litter have already been placed.

Ermine doe – SOLD
REW buck – SOLD

Hopper x LapisHopper x Lapis

Born: September 19, 20207 kits: 1 Chinchilla (Dilute/Squirrel), 1 Broken Chinchilla (Dilute/Squirrel), 1 Blue, 1 Broken Blue, 1 Ermine, 1 Broken Blue PearlEnglish Angora All kits will be socialized and