Paris x Peaches

Born: October 12, 2020
5 kits: 1 Chocolate Agouti, 4 Broken Chocolate/Chocolate Agouti. Will be sexed at 6 weeks.
English Angora

All kits will be socialized and have had practice being groomed on the table.

Price: $100-$150
Incomplete Pedigree. Dam’s side is missing all relative’s information.

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Hopper x LapisHopper x Lapis

Born: September 19, 20207 kits: 1 Chinchilla (Dilute/Squirrel), 1 Broken Chinchilla (Dilute/Squirrel), 1 Blue, 1 Broken Blue, 1 Ermine, 1 Broken Blue PearlEnglish Angora All kits will be socialized and

Gabe x OakGabe x Oak

Born: May 27, 20207 kits: 1 Chocolate buck, 1 Agouti buck, 1 Harlequin buck, 1 Chocolate Magpie buck, 1 Lynx doe, 1 REW doe, 1 Ermine doe.French Angora. All kits