Available Angoras

Here you can find a list of litters with kits available at this time. If you would like to see upcoming litters or planned breedings, please visit The Nestbox. For information on buying a rabbit and pick-up, please visit our policies page.

Not every kit in every litter is available, each kit will be marked with availability on the page.

  • Gabe x Stashy
    1 doe left. Born: May 2, 2020 8 kits: 1 Chocolate buck, 1 Lynx buck, 1 Blue doe, 1 Opal […]
  • Paris X Maggie
    1 buck left. Born: June 20, 20205 kits: 3 Chinchilla (Dilute/Squirrel), 1 Chinchilla (Lilac), 1 Sable.75% English Angora/25% French Angora. […]

For more information on acquiring one of our kits, please contact us.