Our Herd

We currently breed French Angoras and English Angoras. We do have a few rabbits in our current herd that are a percentage of one of these two breeds. We do not list our rabbits full names on our website, only the rabbit’s call names. If you get a pedigree with one of our rabbits listed as the name shown here, please contact me.



French Angora, Magpie (Chinchilla)
Known Genotype: A/a B/b cch(d)/c D/d E/ej
About Gabe: Gabe is a bit of a wild child and an escape artist. He looks sweet and innocent, but he has a mischevious streak. He is not difficult to handle or groom, and is quite relaxed on the table. However, if you try to keep him from the ladies for too long – he will find a way to get to them. His favorite snack is pear leaves.


English Angora, Lilac Chinchilla
Known Genotype: A/a b/b cchd/c d/d E/E
About Paris: Paris is a new addition to our herd. So far he’s been great on the table, a real sweetheart. We haven’t determined his favorite snack yet, because we have been very carefully introducing him to forage.


English Angora, Broken Lilac Pearl
Known Genotype: a/a b/b cch(d)/* d/d e/e S/s
About Hopper: Hopper is very laidback. He is also a newer addition to our herd, and can not have any forage yet.



French Angora, Blue
Known Genotype: a/a B/b C/c d/d E/e
About Apple: Apple is a fairly confident doe, and an excellent mother. She produces large, healthy litters. She’s not a fan of the table or blower, but her coat is very low maintenance and requires very little effort to keep it up.


French Angora, Ruby Eyed White
Known Genotype: */a */b c/c */d */e
About Keisha: Keisha is a bit stand-offish, but a calm doe. She’s obsessed with her blue jingle toy. Her coat is relatively easy to keep clean. She’s an excellent mother, and has been a good foster doe for other kits.


French Angora, Agouti
Known Genotype: A/a B/b C/c D/d E/e
About Oak: Oak is one of our homegrown babies. She’s sassy and a very out-going rabbit. She’s been an amazing rabbit to have around, even if she has a little attitude from time to time. She is a very friendly rabbit, and enjoys getting out for some play time. Oak’s favorite snack is bananas.


English Angora, Broken Tort (Chocolate)
Known Genotype: a/a b/b C/* D/* e/e
About Peaches: Peaches is around 4 years old. She was a little skittish when we first got her, but with a little patience and some goodies she has come around. Peaches has great coat growth in a short period of time. Peaches loves sunflower seeds.


English Angora, Blue
Known Genotype: a/a B/b C/cch(l) d/d E/e
About Lapis: Lapis is just full of personality. She’s an excellent mother. Lapis loves to explore and go on outings. Her coat is fairly low maintenance. Her favorite snack is papaya.


English Angora, Squirrel (Light)
Known Genotype: A/a B/b cch(l)/c d/d E/E
About Snuggs: Snuggs has a lovely dense coat with great crimp, easy to keep groomed with regular blow outs. She’s also a very calm, easy-going doe. Snuggs loves grape vine.


English Angora, Broken Blue
Known Genotype: a/a B/b C/C d/d E/E
About Stashy: Stashy has an easy-care coat, the gets great length to it. Stashy is a very tractable rabbit and great on the grooming table. She’s been a terrific mother. She loves getting play time and getting some time to stretch her legs. Her favorite snack is cabbage (very small amounts).


50% English Angora/50% French Angora, Magpie (Dilute)
Known Genotype: a/a B/* cch(d)/cch(l) d/d e^j/e
About Maggie: Maggie was born here. She’s a bit of a lazy rabbit, and likes to just chill. Every day Maggie greets us at her cage door, and presses her head against the door and waits for head scratches. Her favorite snack is grape vine.