Our Herd

We currently breed French Angoras and English Angoras. We do have a few rabbits in our current herd that are a percentage of one of these two breeds. We do not list our rabbits full names on our website, only the rabbit’s call names. If you get a pedigree with one of our rabbits listed as the name shown here, please contact me.



French Angora, Magpie (Chinchilla)


French Angora, Broken Lilac Pearl


English Angora, Lilac Chinchilla


English Angora, Broken Lilac Ermine



French Angora, Blue


French Angora, Ruby Eyed White


French Angora, Agouti
Known Genotype: A/a B/b C/c D/d E/e
About Oak:


French Angora, Chocolate Agouti, Champion Sire, 1 Show Leg


French Angora, Magpie


English Angora, Broken Tort (Chocolate)


English Angora, Blue


English Angora, Opal Sable


English Angora, Broken Blue


50% English Angora/50% French Angora, Magpie (Dilute)