Our Policies

Our Rabbits

When we have rabbits available, we will post their listing on the Available Angoras page. We do not make final decisions on which kits will be available until 6-12 weeks of age. If a kit is made available by 6 weeks, then it means, for whatever reason, we do not want to evaluate that kit any further as a potential holdback for ourselves. We will take reservations on any rabbit listed available on our website. Reservations require a deposit.

Any kit that is younger than 6 weeks, may be available for a hold list.

Baby bunnies are available to go to their new homes after 8 weeks of age. Babies must be paid for in full by 8 weeks.

All baby bunnies going to new homes will come with a pedigree (unless otherwise noted), be tattooed (unless buyer requests otherwise), come with a bag of transitional feed, and be groomed and be given a sanitary clip to get new owners off to a good start. Babies being transported by other rabbit transport services will be shaved down to prevent improper coat care during travel.

Pedigrees, Tattoos, Potential

All kits will be clearly marked with whether or not they come with a full pedigree, partial pedigree, or no pedigree.

A full pedigree includes: name, variety, sex, tattoo number, and birthdate of the kit; names, varieties, tattoo numbers, and weights of all ancestors for up to 3 generations. It will have all information that is required for a rabbit to be registered with the ARBA.

A partial pedigree will include the name, variety, sex, tattoo number, and birthdate of the kit; names, varieties, tattoo numbers, and weights of the parents; and any information that we have past the parent’s generation. If a kit is labeled as a partial pedigree, it means that somewhere in the pedigree there is missing information for an ancestor that makes the pedigree incomplete. This could be a missing weight, tattoo number, or entire entry missing. If you want to know what information is missing for a kit listed as a partial pedigree, just ask.

If a kit is listed as “no pedigree”, this means the kit will be sold with no pedigree information at all. We will give you the kit’s birthdate, variety, and gender and the call names and varieties of the parents only. However, we will not give out the parent’s full names (what is on their pedigrees), ear numbers, or weights. The names for our rabbits on our website are not our rabbits’ full names and not what you would see on a pedigree from us. We do this to protect from pedigree fraud.

All kits sold will have an ear tattoo for identification. This process is done humanely with numbing spray and ear balm for aftercare. If you do not want your rabbit tattooed and have placed a deposit on a young enough kit, you may request that it not be tattooed. Most kits will be tattooed by 8-10 weeks, so if a kit is already tattooed, we can not untattoo it for you.

Hold List

If we have a kit marked as potentially available, you may submit a request to be placed on a hold list for the kit. There is no fee for this, but there is no guarantee the kit will be sold. We will take up to 3 names on any potentially available kit. If the kit does become available, names on the hold list will be contacted in order of first come, first serve. If the first person on the list does not wish to place a deposit, then the second person will be contacted, and so on.

Why are some kits only potentially available? We may still be debating on keeping it as a holdback for ourselves or it is under 6 weeks.


A kit is considered reserved once a deposit is placed on the kit. We take reservations on any rabbit marked as available. We will hold any rabbit until it is 10 weeks of age or up to 2 weeks for rabbits older than 10 weeks.

Within 2 weeks, transport or pick up should be arranged or scheduled. We offer some leniencies for transport, but we need confirmation from a transporter that a spot has been paid for by the 2 week deadline.

Non-refundable Deposits

To hold a rabbit that can not be picked up right away, we require a non-refundable deposit of $50 per rabbit. Deposits need to be sent via PayPal Friends & Family.

If something should happen to your rabbit while still in our care, we will offer to either replace the rabbit or refund the deposit. Deposits are not refundable if the buyer needs to back out.

We are not responsible if something should happen to the rabbit while using an outside transport service.


Payment for the rabbit is to be paid in full before the rabbit leaves for transport or is picked up. No exceptions. You may pay PayPal, CashApp, or with cash in person.

Pick Up & Transports

We are happy to work with any reputable transporters or to even do small transports ourselves to help get you a rabbit.

If you would like us to transport a rabbit for you:

  1. We will only deliver our own rabbits. We will not transport for any other breeders.
  2. We will travel up to 2 hours in any direction for a single rabbit for $10 in addition to the full price of the rabbit.
  3. We will travel up to 4 hours in any direction if you are purchasing 2 or more rabbits for an additional $20 plus the full purchase price of the rabbits.

If we have agreed to transport for you, you will need to pay the transport fee via PayPal Friends & Family before we leave. As well as, a non-refundable deposit on all rabbits being purchased. We will not accept cash for transporting, all fees have to be paid in advance before we will drive to meet anyone. This is to ensure that we do not drive 2-4 hours just to have someone not show up to get their rabbit.

If something should come up and you can not meet at our agreed upon day or time, let us know before we leave. We will not refund transportation fees for any reason once we have started driving to the meet-up location. If we have driven less than 30 minutes, we will consider moving the fee to a different day/time depending on the circumstances.

If we should schedule a transport, and drive to the location and you do not show up nor contact us in a timely fashion, we will not refund the travel fee nor the deposit for the rabbit. If you no-show, and still want the rabbit after, you will be asked to pay an additional transport fee and the full price of the rabbit before we will agree to meet you again.

We operate on a two-strike policy for all meet-ups. Two no-shows, and we will not agree to meet you again.


We do not allow pick ups at our home for any rabbits, no exceptions. We will make reasonable accommodations to meet you somewhere local or to transport to you.

Why do we not allow pick ups from our Rabbitry?

  • The main reason is biosecurity. Unwanted diseases can be tracked onto our property from others’ shoes. We want to protect our rabbits, as well as our other pets.
  • Protection of our property. We do not want to put our animals or property at risk of theft, injury, or damage by inviting random strangers over.
  • Our home and animals are not a petting zoo. We do not want to subject any of our animals to the stress of having random strangers or their family members wanting to handle or pet them. We have dealt with very pushy people in the past insisting on handling or petting animals that did not want to be handled, trying to talk us into selling our personal rabbits over the ones that are available, trying to force us to let their very young children hold very young bunnies still in the nest, and even, intentionally, frightening our dogs by blowing a whistle in their face. The best way to avoid these incidents is to not allow people on the property to begin with.