World Adventures

Before I dive into my own unique experiences with traveling, let me first point you to my husband’s blog: ArtWay.Today

Before I met my husband, I had never traveled outside of the continental U.S., and I could not have told you even the first step of planning a trip to anywhere much further than the next town over. He is the true mastermind behind almost all of our trips with me learning as I go. I did plan and pay for two of our trips in the last few years (DisneyWorld and a Carnival Cruise), but he still made all of the pretty charts and spreadsheets we needed to get us through without too many unwanted surprises.

This portion of the website is really just my recount of some of the events that have gone wrong on our vacations (and how to help you prevent them from happening to you), and funny stories from around the world. I hope you enjoy reading my description of our adventures, but for the real genius behind the planning and tips for planning your own vacation, please hop on over to his website!