Preparing For Our Fall Semester: 2020

Ah! Summer has arrived! With Covid 19, many (read: all) of our summer plans are cancelled. My one saving grace is getting to spend the summer planning and preparing for our 2020/2021 school year. I got a head start this year and purchased all of our books and school supplies back in March. Our planned lessons will include subject material […]

How Do I Start Homeschooling?

State Requirements The first step to homeschooling is to look up individual your state’s requirements. Each state varies in what is required to register a child for homeschool. Many states will need you to register with your local truancy officer, and this will mean filling out a form with your basic information and information about the curricula you will be […]

Homeschool Curriculum Guide

I have taken the time to gather some basic information about some available homeschool programs. I will try to add new academies and curricula to this list when I am able, so this is an actively changing list. I just wanted to offer a simple comparision chart for families who were looking for specific features, and didn’t want to read […]